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Alexander Calder

Alexander Calder’s Eagle is one of my favorite sculptures in Sculpture Park. It literally stands out among others because of its size and color. You can see this piece even a couple blocks away. I think that the merging of the steel parts together is poetic. I think of a ballerina’s posture and grace when I see this piece, which is something remarkable because you don’t usually associate big steel sculptures with something so gentle, delicate and graceful.

Photos by Me


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My Hipstamatic Prints – Seattle

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Tony Smith

I love living in Seattle, and having places like the Sculpture Park to explore. Being more involved in the art scene is definitely a goal when I get back home. Tony Smith’s sculptures capture visitors by its giant scale. Its well-thought of placement throughout Sculpture Park makes passersby curious about the pieces. Aesthetically, its strength lies on the clean lines against the trees and cityscape in the background.

Photos by Me

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Urban Hardwoods

Honestly this is one of those place I would never have checked out if it wasn’t for a class trip. Every table was mesmerizing and was truly a piece of art. I especially love the ones that have the most unique cuts/ grains, that showcases the beauty of the tree that it came from.

Also, all the trees are local, and very environmentally friendly.

via urban hardwood
via urban hardwood

Must buy this for my future condo! Please check them out!
Urban Hardwoods

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Graypants Inc

Super cool find in my local starbucks! Usually i find the decor of starbucks to be so corporate and branded. However, the starbucks here in fremont is more true to the artsy neighborhood while still maintaining the starbucks atmosphere. Look at these awesome lamps!!

forgive me for the picture quality… This is from my iphone



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