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Andy Goldsworthy


Andy Goldsworthy is becoming a true inspiration for my graduate project. His arrangement of naturally simple and bare elements, create a subject of serenity, movement, and a story coming into life all at once.


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Not Walking in Your User’s Shoes.

What’s that saying about walking a mile in someone else’s shoes?

Sometimes designers tend to forget this quote, and it leads to a sort of self-centered design.
How can we design for a user if we don’t know how that user feels, or how they use a product.
It’s impossible.

If you’re designing real functional products even just as simple as a worker’s uniform, and you have not spent at least a few days working that job I think your design will most likely fail.

Just something to consider.

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2.1 Billion People is the population of cyberspace, did anyone do a research on multiple personalities? I can’t be the only person there with multiple email address for example. How do they really count this?

it's a small web

Data never sleeps? Well yes, if you consider that 206.166.667 mails are sent, 342 blog posts are published, 100.000 tweets are sent, 751 new websites are created every single minute of the day.

Infographic created by Domo

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Shelter: Process Photo

I wanted the houses to be as legit as possible. So the process begins with me looking at tons of photos of iconic house styles, and then drafting these houses in CAD. I figured each of these houses should be 3 bedroom/2 bath houses. (That sounds like a reasonable size for me). Each of them even begun with 2 car garages but, after consultation with my peers we decided the garage didn’t look right.

After the CAD files are done, I let the 3D printer do its magic. Can’t wait to try to burn out these bad boys.

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To-do for the next 2 weeks…

The bank account shenanigans delayed me in sooo many ways. Here’s my must do for the next 2 weeks, before I go home.

go to the Land of the Mengotes (Samar)
go to the Land of the Zobels (Batangas)
go to the Land of the Colongons (Cavite)
gradeschool reunion dinner.

get platform
launch website
get business cards
attend business meetings

errands from home:
pay tuition
pay bills
3 main errands for Ian.

must stop slacking and being distracted.

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Hello world!

It is officially the year of the rabbit, meaning it is officially my year. I can sense it great things will happen this year, but of course I shouldn’t just depend on luck, have to work hard for everything.

So many changes in life right now, and I think that’s why I’ve been slowing down on pursuing my passions, and today I realized I should never do that. So here we are, I thought I should get a blog to document my school projects/ personal projects and also to keep track of all the artists/ designers that I like. I suppose I’d like to inspire people too, but I should start small 🙂


Happy Year of the Rabbit to everyone!

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