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Andy Goldsworthy


Andy Goldsworthy is becoming a true inspiration for my graduate project. His arrangement of naturally simple and bare elements, create a subject of serenity, movement, and a story coming into life all at once.


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Mary Lee Hu



Mary Lee Hu is truly a master of metal. Her technique of weaving metal is something that I aspire to be able to do sometime in my life. She weaves metal in forms that gives warmth, motion and life to such a cold and hard material. My favorite pieces are the ones made of gold. They are either so geometrically beautiful, or quite abstract it reminds me of the movement of a dancer’s skirt. The weaves are so tight, its hard to believe they’re hand-made. I especially like her pieces because they exploit the properties of the material and truly brings them to life without depending on some fancy jewels.

Anyone interested should go to the Bellevue Art Museum while her exhibit is showing. Her pieces are truly inspiring and one of a kind. 

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Fahrenheit 451


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Do-Hu Suh – Some/One

This was an assignment in RISD when Do-Hu Suh was attending. The precept of the assignment was about identity, and this is what he came out with. Who said School Projects can’t be museum worthy? He’s definitely an inspiration to me! Also, I just love how little things such as dogtags in this case, put together can be something so magnificent.

Photos by Me

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Cai Guo-Qiang “Inopportune: Stage One”

This is what greets you when you come in Seattle Art Museum. ’nuff said!

Photos by Me

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Alexander Calder

Alexander Calder’s Eagle is one of my favorite sculptures in Sculpture Park. It literally stands out among others because of its size and color. You can see this piece even a couple blocks away. I think that the merging of the steel parts together is poetic. I think of a ballerina’s posture and grace when I see this piece, which is something remarkable because you don’t usually associate big steel sculptures with something so gentle, delicate and graceful.

Photos by Me

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Stephen White

Stephen White is a Pacific Northwest artist, who makes absolutely mesmerizing lighting. He uses wood and paper to create lighting sculptures. Each piece are all truly one of a kind.

Photos by Me

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Tony Smith

I love living in Seattle, and having places like the Sculpture Park to explore. Being more involved in the art scene is definitely a goal when I get back home. Tony Smith’s sculptures capture visitors by its giant scale. Its well-thought of placement throughout Sculpture Park makes passersby curious about the pieces. Aesthetically, its strength lies on the clean lines against the trees and cityscape in the background.

Photos by Me

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Matt Shlian

One day, I will be just as good if not better than one of these paper sculptors I swoon about.
Check out more of his stuff here.

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Dalton Ghetti

To one day be as awesome (if not more) as this. That is the life goal.

found here

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