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Fahrenheit 451


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Matt Shlian

One day, I will be just as good if not better than one of these paper sculptors I swoon about.
Check out more of his stuff here.

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Cardboard + lighting + flat pack = Love!

from Claudia Link

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Littlefly Jewelry

Jeremy May combines my love for book art and jewelry. How clever, I’m so upset I didn’t think of doing this! Each piece is absolutely unique, and so whimsical. I want one!

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Universal Wrapping Paper

Designed by: Fabio Milito
via: the dieline

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Golden Mean Project

I sorta took the project literally. I carved the golden mean rectangles from the pages of a geometry book, and used their lengths to create the branches of the tree coming out, with the growth of the branches/ leaves following the fibonacci sequence.

I’m a nerd, yes I am.


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Kyle Bean

I am swooning with admiration for Kyle Bean. I first saw him in HOW magazine, and I absolutely love all of his work. He recently did the window displays for Selfridges, using the law of conservation of mass. “Matter cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed.”

There’s not much to say, his pieces speak for themselves.

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Yuken Teruya

Yuken Teruya is another master of paper engineering. He turns stuff that we would normally throw away such as toilet paper rolls/ paper bags/ pizza boxes and bring them to life.

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Peter Callesen

As an industrial designer, I really like using something as simple as paper to create breathtaking pieces. Peter Callesen is one of the first artists that I discovered who fulfills this objective beautifully. He’s truly an inspiration.

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