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I need a lot of practice with drawing and rendering. For everyone out there like me who needs/ wants to improve idsketching should be bookmarked!


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Inspiring Watches

One of my finals this quarter is to design a watch/ time component. So during my research for inspiration I found these gems. Most are just conceptual, some already exists, and all of them are awesome.

Click the image for the original website

by: Pierre Haulot & William Boullier

by: Robin Lapo Bigio & Olivero Zanon

by: Nicolas Meiresonne

by: Andy Kurovetsis

by: Djordje Zivanovic

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People have commented me on how strong my concepts are as far as projects/ ideas. What I lack is executing all of those great ideas. The 99% is just that additional motivation/ inspiration that I need in times of doubt/ stress. They’re truly an inspiration when it comes to making anyones ideas into realities.Check them out!

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Social Cast

I love me some infographics. Social Cast is this awesome infographics website, with all of the business information that I deem necessary for a class, and my current business plan.

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