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Ladies and Gentlemen Studio

I love the work of Ladies and Gentlemen Studio. I was at SAM shop the other day, and everything that caught my eye was from them. Their products seamlessly integrate old-world feel with modern times.

I’m so lucky to be living in a city filled with such creative minds.

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[all images are from ladies and gentlemen studio]


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Shelter: Process Photo

Fresh off casting!

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Shelter: Process Photo

I wanted the houses to be as legit as possible. So the process begins with me looking at tons of photos of iconic house styles, and then drafting these houses in CAD. I figured each of these houses should be 3 bedroom/2 bath houses. (That sounds like a reasonable size for me). Each of them even begun with 2 car garages but, after consultation with my peers we decided the garage didn’t look right.

After the CAD files are done, I let the 3D printer do its magic. Can’t wait to try to burn out these bad boys.

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I think I’ll make a series of scaled iconic style house pendants.
I shall call it Shelter.

I should sign up for a casting class.

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Mary Lee Hu



Mary Lee Hu is truly a master of metal. Her technique of weaving metal is something that I aspire to be able to do sometime in my life. She weaves metal in forms that gives warmth, motion and life to such a cold and hard material. My favorite pieces are the ones made of gold. They are either so geometrically beautiful, or quite abstract it reminds me of the movement of a dancer’s skirt. The weaves are so tight, its hard to believe they’re hand-made. I especially like her pieces because they exploit the properties of the material and truly brings them to life without depending on some fancy jewels.

Anyone interested should go to the Bellevue Art Museum while her exhibit is showing. Her pieces are truly inspiring and one of a kind. 

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Littlefly Jewelry

Jeremy May combines my love for book art and jewelry. How clever, I’m so upset I didn’t think of doing this! Each piece is absolutely unique, and so whimsical. I want one!

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HAF by Hafsteinn Juliusson

HAF creates these awesome jewelry with plants! I wonder what sort of maintenance these pieces need to have. Wishlisted!

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