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Ladies and Gentlemen Studio

I love the work of Ladies and Gentlemen Studio. I was at SAM shop the other day, and everything that caught my eye was from them. Their products seamlessly integrate old-world feel with modern times.

I’m so lucky to be living in a city filled with such creative minds.

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[all images are from ladies and gentlemen studio]


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Shelter: Process Photo

Fresh off casting!

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Shelter: Process Photo

I wanted the houses to be as legit as possible. So the process begins with me looking at tons of photos of iconic house styles, and then drafting these houses in CAD. I figured each of these houses should be 3 bedroom/2 bath houses. (That sounds like a reasonable size for me). Each of them even begun with 2 car garages but, after consultation with my peers we decided the garage didn’t look right.

After the CAD files are done, I let the 3D printer do its magic. Can’t wait to try to burn out these bad boys.

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Stephen White

Stephen White is a Pacific Northwest artist, who makes absolutely mesmerizing lighting. He uses wood and paper to create lighting sculptures. Each piece are all truly one of a kind.

Photos by Me

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Riveli Shelving

I can see one of Mark Kinsley’s Riveli Shelving in my future loft. It adds so many concepts in one, its almost astounding how nobody has thought of this before. It’s such a bright and new idea, that it was only recently signed with a lucky manufacturer Lake and Wells.

learn more about this shelving system on their website
via design milk

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Cardboard + lighting + flat pack = Love!

from Claudia Link

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Jason Damon

buy it here

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Urban Hardwoods

Honestly this is one of those place I would never have checked out if it wasn’t for a class trip. Every table was mesmerizing and was truly a piece of art. I especially love the ones that have the most unique cuts/ grains, that showcases the beauty of the tree that it came from.

Also, all the trees are local, and very environmentally friendly.

via urban hardwood
via urban hardwood

Must buy this for my future condo! Please check them out!
Urban Hardwoods

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MAD architects – fish tank

I truly believe that MAD Architects is one of the leaders in the future of architecture. All of their works are strong both in concepts, and executions. My favorite is the fish tank in their office. It is a combination of industrial design and architecture which are both my love!

Yansong Ma, observed and analyzed how the fish swam around an open space, and created an aquarium based on the results. Brilliant, yes?! It is also visually interesting.

Warning: I may swoon over their work throughout my blog.

via designboom
via designboom

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Pound It

Photo by: Matt de Turck

Mary Kolber and Courtney Theese designed these purses as a self-defense mechanism, with a hint of a fashion statement. How clever! I especially like this concept because, you can never be too protected. Also, this sort of reminded me of my past human factor’s project about safety/way-finding and integrating a safety mechanism into some form of fashion accessory.

via core 77

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