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Andy Goldsworthy


Andy Goldsworthy is becoming a true inspiration for my graduate project. His arrangement of naturally simple and bare elements, create a subject of serenity, movement, and a story coming into life all at once.


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Riveli Shelving

I can see one of Mark Kinsley’s Riveli Shelving in my future loft. It adds so many concepts in one, its almost astounding how nobody has thought of this before. It’s such a bright and new idea, that it was only recently signed with a lucky manufacturer Lake and Wells.

learn more about this shelving system on their website
via design milk

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Dalton Ghetti

To one day be as awesome (if not more) as this. That is the life goal.

found here

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Seattle Art Walk

Every first thursday of the month Pioneer Square in Seattle holds an art walk, where galleries/ musems open their doors for free to the public. Last thursday was my very first art walk, and it was one of the most inspiring thing I did with my friends.

We started with the SAM, and ended up in Building 619. I was so mesmerized with everything that I didn’t even think to take photos!

Several artists that caught my eyes were.

Johnny O’Brady
Susan Sage
Steve Smith

At the end of the day, I want nothing else but to one day, be as inspiring as they all were.


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