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Shelter: Process Photo

Fresh off casting!


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Shelter: Process Photo

I wanted the houses to be as legit as possible. So the process begins with me looking at tons of photos of iconic house styles, and then drafting these houses in CAD. I figured each of these houses should be 3 bedroom/2 bath houses. (That sounds like a reasonable size for me). Each of them even begun with 2 car garages but, after consultation with my peers we decided the garage didn’t look right.

After the CAD files are done, I let the 3D printer do its magic. Can’t wait to try to burn out these bad boys.

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MAD architects – fish tank

I truly believe that MAD Architects is one of the leaders in the future of architecture. All of their works are strong both in concepts, and executions. My favorite is the fish tank in their office. It is a combination of industrial design and architecture which are both my love!

Yansong Ma, observed and analyzed how the fish swam around an open space, and created an aquarium based on the results. Brilliant, yes?! It is also visually interesting.

Warning: I may swoon over their work throughout my blog.

via designboom
via designboom

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Jean Philippe Zoppini

AZ island is a concept dreamt of by architect Jean Philippe Zoppini. AZ island literally takes Burj-Al-Arab’s idea out to sea. It’s an island capable of actually sailing out to the world. So far its all just conceptual, but if it were to come to reality, AZ island will be able to welcome up to 10,000 passengers, and will measure 400 meters long by 300 meters wide. Apparently this idea has been taught of since 2002, but I ran into this idea browsing one of my teacher’s magazine “Azure.” Sadly, I got too excited with the concept that I didn’t even look when it was published.

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Patrick Blanc’s Vertical Garden and Musée du Quai Branly

Musée du Quai Branly is about a block away from the Eiffel tower, and rivals the tower’s beauty in and out. From the outside it entices you with its vertical gardens, and inside is one of the world’s most amazing daily light show. The garden may seem ordinary during the day, but at night the light post and its reflection above, is one of the most romantic light installations you’ll ever see. There’s a cafe on the far side of the garden, where you can enjoy your wine while admiring the light show of the garden, and the eiffel tower.

Paris, I miss you!


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Reiser + Umemoto’s O-14

I’m so honored to have attended the Reiser and Umemoto’s lecture when I was in Columbia University two summers ago. They talked about the O-14 building which they were currently building at the time in Dubai’s business bay.

Form follows function in this building, in that its shell serves as the exoskeleton of the building, and the spacing between its shell and the building inside creates a chimney effect that lets hot air rise, therefore saving energy that would’ve otherwise be used for air conditioning.

Reiser mentioned during the lecture that because the screen of the shell is somewhat random, the people of Dubai had no idea how tall the building will end up being, and they have deemed it to be the spongebob building.

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