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Digital Nation

One of my teachers have mentioned the video “Digital Nation” in class last week, and coincidentally another one of my class used this video as a topic for a presentation. The video brings up so many facets of our cyber life. I just can’t stop thinking about it. There’s so many interesting points they made that I want to explore.

First, how effective we are as multi-taskers. Personally, i don’t think there is such a thing as multi-taskers. I used to think that I was, but its not really that I’m doing multiple tasks in an instant, its more like I have several projects in one section of time, and I like to divide my attention with those projects in such short increments that it appears that I’m doing them all at once. Just because everything is happening at the same time doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to be hands-on in all of them right? Isn’t that the beauty of technology? For example if the dishwasher and the laundry is going on at the same time, you can’t really say that you are multi-tasking because you have handed your laundry and dishes to your appliances.

I think that either way I get more things done if I am focused on one task and one task alone, but it doesn’t mean that I won’t pursue multiple projects at the same time. It’s all about time management, right?

Another interesting/ disturbing part of the video is how IBM’s campus have become a ghost town because meetings are done through Second-life now. I find this fascinating since I am about to start my own company in a country across the Pacific Ocean. I never thought of using a game in order to communicate, I always figured I would just use skype or blackberry. This opens up a new option I should probably consider to cut down traveling costs for my business.

Also, this brings up how Architecture and the City will transform to cater to the new cyber lifestyle that we all have.

Interesting, yes?

Here’s the link for the video. I suggest you watch it.


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